Providing a voice for families and individuals with autism nationally, The Ricky Stuart Foundation

Ricky and Kaylie Stuart passionately believe in keeping families together, by ensuring that every individual with autism and their family has access to
state-of-the-art respite facilities and best practice housing models to support people through life.

The Foundation, created in 2011, has followed their daughter Emma’s life journey, from accessing respite care as a child and teen through to transitioning to independent living in 2019. Through their journey, Ricky and Kaylie have understood firsthand the challenges and opportunities.

A key focus for the Foundation in 2023 is to pilot an autism awareness education program in ACT schools. The education program will help children understand autism, how people with autism may interact and some of the challenges they face day-to-day. The education program will be developed in partnership by the Foundation, expert autism professionals and teachers.

Through education and awareness, we want to reduce disability-based bullying in schools and increase awareness and acceptance for autism is part of the school and community ethos.

John Fordham House – South Jerrabomberra

Planning for John Fordham House is underway. The John Fordham house, in alignment with Emma’s journey to independent living, will provide a home for young adults living with autism or disability to gain their independence in a place they can call ‘home’.

The home will be built in South Jerrabomberra through the very generous support from The Village Building Co, with donation of the land. This best practice home wouldn’t be possible without the support from The Village Building Co. The Foundation aims to commence construction on John Fordham house in mid-2023, with the aim to have its occupants move in from late 2024.

Supporting the work of the Ricky Stuart Foundation

Through the generosity, support and funding of our community more people have access to homes to help them grow and live independently. We happily accept personal charitable donations, customised business and corporate donations or bequeathment arrangements. Whether it’s through a corporate giving program, hosting a fundraising event, or developing a long term corporate partnership, all donations are welcomed and valued.

As a registered charity, any donation made to the Ricky Stuart Foundation is tax
deductible, please visit