A little piece of France nestled in the heart of Bungendore, Le Tres Bon

Chef Christophe Gregoire, the master chef of Le Trés Bon, strives to bring a level of sophistication to his menu. With the name “Le Très Bon” in mind – the French phrase that means “very good with regards to food” – Chef Gregoire creates dishes that truly reflect this concept.

Chef Christophe was born and raised in Les Vosges, France, a special place housing the magnificent Joan of Arc and its own splendid set of landmarks such as spa resorts, fantastic lakes, climbing peaks, and picturesque farmhouse inns. After a chance meeting with Josephine in New Caledonia, Chef Christophe opened Le Tres Bon in Bungendore’s oldest building.

What made you open up a restaurant in Bungendore?

Bungendore may seem a world away from Christophe’s quaint village in France, yet they have something very important in common; ideal granite soil perfect for producing delicious red wines and nurturing truffles, berries and other delectable ingredients used regularly in classic French cooking. This allows Christophe to provide relaxed and enjoyable hands-on cooking classes where participants can learn the basics as well as the highlights of true French cuisine without issues or constraints. Many people who attend are returning again and again eager to expand their knowledge of this tradition.

What’s on offer this Autumn/Winter?

Where possible, Christophe uses organic ingredients and changes the menu to match the whims of the season. From June to August, truffle season is celebrated with special dinners, cooking classes and a daily menu to extol its virtues. Showcasing Chef Christophe’s culinary skills, these dishes are inspired by his travels and exotic flavours of French colonial islands, giving guests an extraordinary multi-sensory experience! The truffles used for these meals are sourced from Christophe’s own truffle farm in Bungendore. Guests even have the opportunity to prebook cooking classes where they will learn how to create signature seasonal dishes while recommending the best flavour pairings. All in all, this is one meal you don’t want to miss!

Favourite Autumn/Winter dishes?

Our French onion soup (Soupe à l’oignon gratinée) is a dish that we, and our guests, absolutely love! Made with a home-made stock and quality onions, stewed in white wine for a delicious flavour, it has become so popular that it has remained on the menu since last year! Even during the summer months when temperatures were lower than usual, guests were still loving the taste of this classic French staple. If you’ve never tried it before, come and give us a visit – you won’t regret it!

How do your cooking classes work?

For Christophe, cooking and sharing food is more than just a simple pleasure – it is an opportunity to bring people together from different cultures and
backgrounds. Drawing upon his years of experience teaching and cooking in Europe, the Pacific, the Americas and Australia, he provides students with a unique way to make their flavours shine. His classes range from patisserie and Christmas sweets to the celebration of truffle season – all inspired by the philosophy of terroir that connects travel and food. Students also get to savour their creations with champagne or wine, making for an unforgettable dining experience. We have had amazing feedback, and continuously see people returning for another lesson. To make a booking, head over to Le Tres Bon’s website: letresbon.com.au.

We’ve noticed you run overseas tours?

Josephine and Christophe are eager to share their love of French culture with anyone brave enough to take the journey! Through their organised trips, you can visit three gorgeous locations: France, Italy and New Caledonia. Whether you’re a foodie or someone seeking a life adventure, these trips aim to make it an unforgettable experience. Spend days in Christophe’s village tasting local wines and enjoy the delectable medley of cuisine the continent has to offer… With the chance to meet like minded individuals from all over the world, it’s no wonder Josephine and Christophe have become so passionate about sharing it with others.

Opening Times:
Monday – Wednesday: CLOSED | Thursday: Lunch and Dinner | Friday: Lunch and Dinner
Saturday: Dinner only | Sunday: Lunch only

40 Malbon Street, Bungendore NSW 2621 | [email protected] | (02) 6238 0662