Tweak Homes Interior Designer, Skye Mendl

“Since 2014, at Tweak Home Staging we have loved styling thousands of properties for sale all over Canberra and the surrounding region. Our friendly and professional team provide their creative expertise to present homes in a way that make it highly desirable to potential buyers. I’ve had a lifelong interest in property and styling homes.

After buying and selling our own homes, I saw firsthand how sellers could benefit from having their property presented in a way that shows their valuable asset at its full potential. I am incredibly proud of the business and beautiful team we have built and love assisting people through what often can be a challenging process.”

What does Autumn/Winter mean for a home?

As much as I love being active and outdoors during summer, I love seeing the change of colours appear as the cooler months approach and start to transition into a cosier season. The extra blankets on the beds and throws on the sofas are the first signs of the weather changing. When styling during Autumn and Winter, we naturally start using more textures within cushions, throws and rugs. Our colour choices change to reflect the season as well. Warmer tones, pinks and oranges will again be a favourite for this time of year to use within artworks and décor accessories.

How can we incorporate a bit of colour during this time of year?

This time of year adding a thicker floor rug or including softer fabrics in cushions and throws will add textured layers that reflect Autumn/Winter. This is also a great way to add colour through the darker months without having to change larger furniture items. You don’t always have to follow trends in colour when styling for your own home. Go with what you love! If you are looking for this year’s predictions in styling, using the same colour but using different tones provides a fresh look. I’m leaning towards mixing blush pinks and tans at the moment. Having fun with colourful walls are definitely on trend as well. I always love the opportunity for some bold wallpaper!

What’s your favourite part of Autumn/Winter?

Crisp air and gorgeous colours in nature. It is nice to transition through our different seasons. Autumn/Winter provides a time to slow down and nurture ourselves. So having a cosy space that you enjoy spending time in is so important. But not to mention the gorgeous bushland we have in our region to explore during the cooler months and to provide great inspiration for all things creative.

What do you like most about interior decorating?

Being creative with no set rules. Setting up homes and seeing a room transform without the need to change any fixtures or fittings is a fun and rewarding job.